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JW Marriott® Venice
Isola delle Rose,
Laguna di San Marco
P.O. Box 731
30133 Venezia, Italy
T: +39 041 8521300


A natural oasis of peace and silence

Isola delle Rose
Isola delle Rose
Isola delle Rose

A century and a half of greenery. The Isola delle Rose, which only came into existence in 1870, is a natural oasis of peace and silence. Thanks to its position between the lagoon and the sea, and to the marine currents that generate a particularly mild and cool microclimate, the island boasts a wealth of plants that has no parallel elsewhere in Venice. On its 16 hectares, and especially in the 12-hectare park that embraces the resort, grow olives, palm trees, willows, lime trees, larches, magnolias, pines, horse chestnuts and Atlas cedars, from which migratory birds take their bearings.

Every accommodation facility is immersed in nature and its peace. Soft and carefully tended lawns accompany you on your strolls to the wharves and only then, without walls or barriers of any kind, does the green of the land give way to the infinite glints of the water.


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