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JW Marriott® Venice
Isola delle Rose,
Laguna di San Marco
P.O. Box 731
30133 Venezia, Italy
T: +39 041 8521300

The Island

Isola delle Rose

Isola delle Rose
JW Marriott Venice
Isola delle Rose

JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa is a luxury retreat on Isola delle Rose. The island is filled with light, the air freshened by lush greenery, the lagoon brings a cool breeze.

Matteo Thun’s design creates a sense of space and seclusion for all who come to stay.

Arriving at this Venice resort by our private boat is a glamorous moment, returning across the lagoon, with Piazza San Marco drawing ever closer is a true Venetian experience. In fifteen minutes you will be stepping into the romance, grandeur and history of Venice.

Sea currents generate a mild microclimate and consequently Isola delle Rose has a uniquely verdant habitat in Venice.

Designed by Matteo Thun the resort reflects the lagoon’s spirit – water, tranquillity and peace. Fresh interiors open up to the exterior, outside in the vast park, the paths, canals and groves ensure everyone can find space for private relaxation.


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