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Olive Oil Treatment

Mediterranean Bliss – The exclusive treatment with olive oil of our Island


Specifically  created to allow our guests to enjoy the benefits of olive oil, this exfoliating treatment is  made from our very own olive oil, extracted from  the olive groove of Isola delle Rose.

While sea salt is used to gently exfoliate the skin by removing dead cells, olive oil nourishes it deeply  for a radiant  and uplifted result.  In addition, the treatment will be enhanced by the choice of fragrances extracted from herbs grown in the gardens of the island, thus ensuring a personalized sensory journey.

The aromatic herbs that can be combined with the treatment Mediterranean Bliss are directly collected from the vegetable garden of the Dopolavoro Restaurant:

Lavender: for total relaxation and a sense of peace of all senses;
Rosemary: For relaxation of tired muscles;
Salvia: its restorative aromas help reduce insomnia and release mental tension;
Timo: its energizing properties help slow the aging process of the skin;
Citronella: it brightens the skin and wraps you in a fresh lemon scent;
Rose: it improves  skin’s elasticity


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