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JW Marriott® Venice
Isola delle Rose,
Laguna di San Marco
P.O. Box 731
30133 Venezia, Italy
T: +39 041 8521300

A unique olive oil


Due to our private island’s location between the lagoon and the sea, as well as marine currents that generate a mild and cool microclimate, our resort boasts a wealth of plants that cannot be found anywhere else in Venice. This includes a historic olive grove with a hundred trees from which we produce our own olive oil. We grow, handpick, cold-press and age our olive oil extracted from Isola delle Rose. Our unique soil – rich in minerals and nutrients – and century-old olive trees have produced a unique and distinctive tasting olive oil. We are extremely proud and enthusiastic about this product. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is deemed to have a superior taste and is the highest quality olive oil in the world.

Olive oil can be savored not only at our gourmet restaurant Fiola at Dopolavoro Venezia – which served it paired with our home-made bread – but also during one of our weekly Olive Oil Tasting experiences.  Bottles of our Olive Oil are available for purchase at Dispensa.


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